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Nora Nur Nalinci is a licensed spiritual healer, a certified vibrational sound practitioner, holistic health coach, trauma and resilience trainer, and an accomplished author. She specializes in the transformative practice of 'Acu-vibrational Tuning Fork Energy Healing Technique.' This unique approach is designed to liberate individuals from the energetic shackles formed by past traumatic events and persistent stress, enabling the free flow of life energy within their body and biofield, and awakening their innate capacity for self-healing.

Nora's profound journey into spirituality and energy healing commenced three decades ago when she had a life-altering encounter with her higher self. This momentous event served as the cornerstone for her life's authentic calling. Prior to this awakening, Nora had cultivated a successful career in quality management systems, holding degrees in both sociology and finance. During this phase, she dedicated herself to providing business coaching and delivering soft skills training.

Guided by the wisdom bestowed upon her by her higher self, Nora discerned her role as a light worker with a Divine mission. Her mission involved the essential guidance of others, particularly children, through the dimensional ascension. This remarkable task would be accomplished alongside fellow light workers, collectively equipping those eligible for transition to higher dimensions with the essential tools to thrive during the momentous shift towards a New World.

Nora's journey, intertwined with her higher self, has been an extraordinary odyssey characterized by personal transformation, spiritual evolution, and a profound connection to a higher purpose. Alongside her spiritual endeavors, Nora takes immense pride in being the nurturing mother of two adult children who were raised with a holistic approach to parenting.

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