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End-of-Life Coaching Services for Conscious Dying


We provide holistic, non-judgmental, non-medical support to those nearing the end of life, empowering men and women to consider what a "good death" means to them and then support them as they seek that "good death". We encourage those with life-ending illness to make the most of their last years, months, weeks, or days, so they can pass in peace. We also support family, care givers, and friends of the dying.​

Please note that we do not provide elder care, physical support and comfort to the terminally ill, vigils for the terminally ill and respite care for the family, after death funeral services or living funerals, post death mourning services, and post death home organization. 

Service Category 1:

End-of-Life Coaching for Conscious Dying

Topics may include:

  • Conversations on 'what is dying and death?' and 'Fears around death and dying'.

  • Releasing fears, saying goodbyes, facing regrets, and forgiving self and others through Acu-vibrational Tuning Fork Energy Healing Technique. 


Number of session(s): As many as needed (60 minutes each)



Service Category 2:

Advance Care Directive Facilitation


An advance healthcare directive is a legal document that allows a person to express their wishes for medical care, including their right to refuse treatment, should they become physically or mentally unable to make decisions for themselves. It also allows a person to name a support person who can make decisions if they cannot speak for themselves.


Topics may include:

Helping the client to plan and write the Advance Care Directives. Facilitating conversations between the client and their family members or health care proxy. Facilitating the sharing of the Advance Care Directives with the client's doctor and health care provider. 


Number of session(s): As many as needed (60 minutes each)


Are You Ready to Transform Your Life?

If you are ready to change your life deep down, please download and fill out the “Informed Consent Form” and email to us as an attachment. We will get back to you within 24 hours and schedule a 20-minute free consultation. At the end of this free session, if Nora N. and you both agree that working together would transform your life physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually, we will book your first session.



Service Category 3:

Facilitation of Legacy and Life Review Projects


Legacy projects are a way for the terminally ill person to create a physical remembrance of their life story and values. They are usually intended to be passed onto the next generation or be left as a memorial, a gift to those left behind. Life review projects are similar to legacy projects, though there may not be an intention to share with others  what is created. They might remain private to the individual.


Topics may include:

Creating a collection of family recipes. Creating a scrapbook or multiple scrapbooks. Arranging objects such as photographs or awards on a shelf. Writing letters to each family members to be read after the dying person passes. Writing letters to be opened and read at specific dates in the future that the dying person is going to miss. Video or audio recordings of conversations that take place between the dying and a family member(s). Creating a personal video message aimed at specific friends or family members. Video or audio recordings of family stories the dying wishes to pass on. Video or audio recordings of life lessons, values or other non-monetary family traditions the dying person wants to pass down. Creating a family tree with names and photos.


Number of session(s): As many as needed (60 minutes each)


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