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      I am Nora Nur Nalinci, the founder of Novis Imprints Energy Healing and Life Coaching. As a licensed spiritual healer, certified SomaEnergetics vibrational sound practitioner, certified end-of-life coach, trauma and resilience trainer, intuitive, and passionate advocate of energy healing, I am dedicated to helping individuals achieve holistic well-being.


     My expertise lies in the development of the Acu-vibrational Tuning Fork Energy Healing Technique (ATFT). This unique approach combines various energy healing and spiritual modalities, including vibrational sound, acupressure, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Matrix Past Life Reimprinting, Reiki, healing stones, conscious breathing, essential oils, and intention-based spiritual dowsing. By utilizing solfeggio tuning forks and other vibrational tools, I assist clients in releasing energetic blockages resulting from uncontrolled stress and past traumatic events. This process enables the free flow of energy within their body and biofield and awakens the divine healing energy within, allowing the body to naturally restore optimum balance and facilitate self-healing.

     Almost three decades ago, I experienced a transformative encounter with my higher-self in a vivid dream. This profound experience ignited the seeds of spirituality within me, shifting my perspective from a predominantly scientific and physical approach to one that embraced spirituality as well. Through subsequent lucid dreams and deep meditative states, my higher self consistently reminded me of my role as a light worker, entrusted with a significant divine mission in this lifetime. I was called to guide others in expanding their awareness, navigating new dimensions of perception during the period of dimensional ascension. Embracing this calling, I embarked on a path of personal transformation to fulfill my mission as a teacher and healer for those who are ready to transition into higher dimensions.


     With a profound commitment to serving others on their spiritual journeys, I am devoted to providing guidance, support, and holistic healing to individuals seeking to elevate their consciousness and embrace their fullest potential.

      Currently, I specialize in working with individuals of all ages who are grappling with chronic, terminal, or serious illnesses. Through the transformative power of ATFT, I facilitate the release of traumatic memories and negative emotions that often accompany these challenging circumstances. This includes addressing deep-rooted fears of the unknown, as well as alleviating feelings of panic, anxiety, grief, anger, and regret. Additionally, my energy healing services aim to provide relief from physical pain, promoting a sense of comfort, relaxation and well-being.

Transitioning from the Corporate World to Energy Healing

   Before becoming an energy healer, my career path took me through the corporate world. With a bachelor's degree in sociology and an MBA in finance, I worked as a business coach specializing in quality management systems. I also developed and implemented soft skills training programs, focusing on leadership, change management, time management, stress management, and team building.

   During this time, I became deeply fascinated by the Law of Attraction, which teaches that positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes. I shared this knowledge with my students, empowering them to transform habits and behaviors and strive for happiness, health, and success. While some students effortlessly attracted joy, happiness, success, or prosperity, I also encountered students who struggled despite their best efforts. Many desired abundance but perpetually focused on their lack, thereby hindering the manifestation of wealth. Some yearned for happiness, yet their prevailing sense of joylessness impeded the attraction of experiences that would bring them happiness.

   This profound observation taught me a valuable lesson: the Law of Attraction does not work unless it originates from within; it requires inner transformation. Our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions shape our reality and determine our destiny. To activate the Law of Attraction, we must change the beliefs, thoughts, and emotions that no longer serve us, including releasing deep-rooted traumatic memories that generate mental and physical toxicity and contribute to illness.

   I have always nurtured a curious and creative spirit, constantly seeking answers and solutions. Driven by this innate passion, I embarked on a quest to discover modalities with high efficacy in clearing internal pollution. It was during this exploration that I found my answers in energy psychology, energy healing, vibrational frequencies, and the transformative power of sounds. Guided by this newfound wisdom, I embraced the path of an energy healer. 

   Today, as an energy healer, I am committed to guiding others on their journey toward inner transformation and well-being. Using energy psychology, energy healing, and vibrational frequencies, I help individuals release the burdens of the past and restore harmony within themselves. My goal is to facilitate profound holistic healing, empowering individuals to create a vibrant and abundant life from within.


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