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Acu-Vibrational Tuning Fork
Energy Healing Technique for Holistic Balance

Stress and Trauma Release Program
for Terminally Ill

Stress and Trauma Release Program is for individuals from all ages who have chronic, terminal, or serious illnesses. It is composed of three phases that help create the best results in raising the client's life energy level from 'survival mode' to 'balanced-energy-flow' and improving the quality of life during the illness and/or palliative care. ATFT helps them release their traumatic memories and negative emotions such as fear of death and unknow, panic, anxiety, grief, anger or regrets; create deep state of relaxation, stress reduction, and pain relief; increase mental clarity and concentration; boost the brain function; and balance the nervous system.

Phase 1 - Energy Scanning & Mapping (STR-1)



This phase is to determine the energy blockages
in the body-field. It is composed of two sub-phases:


Energy Scanning and Mapping of the Major Chakras

Energy Scanning and Mapping of the Organ Meridians​


Number of session(s): 1 (60-minute)​

Phase 2 - Energy Activation and Balancing of

the Major & Minor Chakras (STR-2)


This phase is to activate and balance

the major and minor chakras to stimulate the energy flow

in the biofield/body-field.

Number of session(s): 2 (60-minute each)

Session 1 is held to activate the major and minor chakras

Session 2 is held to balance the chakras

Prerequisite: STR-1​

Are You Ready to Transform Your Life?

If you are ready to change your life deep down, please download and fill out the “Informed Consent Form” and email to us as an attachment. We will get back to you within 24 hours and schedule a 20-minute free consultation. At the end of this free session, if Nora N. and you both agree that working together would transform your life physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually, we will book your first session.



Phase 3 - Releasing Trauma Traces from the Body-field & Planting New Imprints (STR-3)


During Phase 3, we use Acu-Vibrational EFT to release the leftover trauma traces and plant new imprints, in the body/mind, to replace the useless and harmful beliefs that don’t serve for the highest good of the client.  

In Acu-Vibrational EFT, tuning forks replace

the finger tapping that is used in EFT.

We press the solfeggio body tuners on a sequence of selected acupoints while the client spontaneously states emotionally evocative, personally relevant phrases.

The phrases are presented by the practitioner

and repeated by the client.


Acu-vibrational EFT is very powerful and a great deal

can be accomplished even in just one session.

Energy balancing for pain and stress relief, harmonization of the autonomic nervous system, increased sense of well-being, grounding, inner peace and harmony, feelings of safety, security, stability and balance, reducing the symptoms of asthma, chronic fatigue, menopause, and insomnia,

and easing labor and delivery

are usually managed in a single session.

However, trauma related issues, chronic habits, or

reduction of the side effects of radiation or chemotherapy

for cancer patients require more work.

Number of session(s): As many as needed (60-minute/each)

Prerequisite: STR-2​


Since we want to support our clients’

commitment to wellbeing and change,

we offer discounts on 4 and 8-session packages.

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